Hate wasting fabric?

Turn old clothing and fabrics into beautiful rugs!

Rag rug making is fun, meditative, and a great way to keep worn out clothing and materials out of the landfill. You'll learn several techniques and find one that's just right for you. Your scraps and memories can become heirlooms.
Turqouise rag twine held between two fingers in front of a rag rug in shades of orange, yellow, green and blue

In this course, you'll learn

multiple ways to turn your own fabrics and clothing into fantastic rag rugs and more, whether you're just beginning or an advanced textile artist looking for new skills.

  • 5 different methods for building your own rag rug: classic coiled, braided, "toothbrush", woven, and stacked single loop crochet

  • Techniques for building rag rugs in alternative shapes

  • Hand sew, machine sew, and no-sew methods

  • Added details on hand and machine sewing needles and making custom tools


Laura Brody

A. Laura Brody sculpts for the human body and its vehicles. She has 30+ years experience as a costume crafts person, designer, and maker. She's made costumes for Disney on Ice, the Black Eyed Peas, and Rhianna and has worked for Netflix, the LA Opera, Disney and Nickelodeon TV, Diavolo Dance Theatre, and many costume houses. Her relaxed, encouraging, and adventurous approach to teaching makes costume and craft creation approachable and fun. She also developed and curates Opulent Mobility, a series of exhibits that re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. Her art has been shown at the Ikouii Creative, ACE/121 Gallery, Brea Gallery, the Charles River Museum of Industry, Westbeth Center For the Arts, Arts Unbound, and The World of Wearable Art. She is passionate about reuse, sustainability, and re-imagining disability.


“Laura is one of the very finest educators I have ever encountered! Her incredibly deep knowledge combined with a playful attitude reveals the irreverence and fluency of a true master. I consider myself unbelievably lucky to learn from Laura (my closet is transformed after only a few lessons!) and to have her as a colleague in education. In lessons I get such clear information about specifics, but also about the underlying principles that have historically eluded me. When I'm working on my own, I can hear Laura's voice saying "Yes, you can do that- and here are some ways how!"”

Kate Conklin

“Laura was a pleasure to work with. She takes a very creative approach and quickly adjusts to your preferences and experience level. I highly would highly recommend her to anyone with a fun or serious sewing project. ”

Julie McLaughlin

“Laura's easy going style always lets the rest of us feel like we're capable of creating something magical even if we might not have her talented designer brain. ”

McKerrin Kelly

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